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Business open as usual – Taking Pre-order for nvidia cards call: 01382-528579

Covid updates: Business open as usual

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Microsoft Windows + MS office installation & Upgrades

If your computer needs windows and office installation then you are at the right place. We install and update windows to the latest version and make sure it has the latest security features installed on your computer. We also remove forgotten password from any windows supported devices.
Digital keys are available for both Windows (any version) and Office (above 2016). 
Contact us for more information.

Viruses & Malwares Protection

Protect your computer from the latest viruses and malware. We highly recommend Antivirus installation onto your computer so it protects you from nasty viruses and all other spyware/ malware online which also prevents hackers to get into your computer.
Contact us for more information.

Data Recovery

We know your data is important and it’s even painful to see when your hard drive/ flash drive/ SD card break and you cannot access your important files/ data from them which you cannot afford to lose.
NOT to worry we have got your back. We can recover most of your important files and data and bring them back to life.
Contact us for more information and pricing.

PC, Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

If your computer running really slow and all of sudden the pop-up windows show up from nowhere or it requires a repair…We can help you with all the issues. Our experienced technicians will let you know whether your laptop needs a new RAM/ SSD upgrade or it requires a fresh windows installation or a virus/malware cleanup known as MOT to make your computer run faster, smoother, and secure. We stock everything at our store that you need to upgrade or repair your computer so you don’t have to wait long for a simple repair process.

Gaming PC's, Laptop's & Accessories.

We build Gaming PC’s from scratch or bring your own components and we will build it for you (Our full build comes with a 2 years limited warranty)
We stock High-end gaming laptops, graphics cards, motherboards,  PC cases, CPU, RAM, SSD, Hard drive, Pen drive,  Gaming mouse and keyboards, and much more. 
We stock pre-built gaming PC ready to use. 
Our all pre-built PC’s are customizable for what you need.
If you need any quote to build a PC please contact us for more information. 
We stock a wide range of laptops starting from £99.

Liquid damage repair

Did you spill something on your computer? Not to worry bring your device straightaway to us and we will be more than happy to help you, and get your device up and running in no time.

NOTE: Putting in rice or drying by yourself and putting on a charge make the job more difficult and unrepairable due to the short circuit on the motherboard, please make sure to bring it to us for 100% success in liquid damage repair.

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